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My records are somewhat scattered but here are some.

I started giving occasional talks and participating in Symposia in the early eighties and became active in the then newly formed IASPM (International Association for the Study of Popular Music). Since then such public talking and writing have been an intermittent but regular aspect of my work.

Some talks:



Apart from numerous articles and papers on all manner of subjects published in Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Britain, Denmark, Holland, France, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Canada & America I have published:

Books: Articles:

Necessity and Choice in Musical Forms - in Popular Music Studies Vol. 1 IASPM  1984

Politisierung von Music kontra Vermarktung - in Musik und Gesellschaft, Berlin DDR, 1984

Sun Ra: The Realm of Lightening - in Rocksession 7, Rowohlt, Hamburg 1983

Plunderphonia - in MusicWorks 60, Toronto, 1994.

Republished in

Resonance Magazine, 1995.                     
Sounding Off: Music as Subversion/Resistance/Revolution
, ed Ron Sakolsky  and Fred Wei-Han Ho, Autonomedia, New York, 1995.    

Musica/Realta 48, Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche, 1995                                          
Classic Essays on 20th Century Music, ed. Kostelanetz, Schirmer Books 1996            
Audioculture, Readings in Modern Music
, ed Christopher Cox and Daniel Warner, Continuum Books, New York, 2004   

Music Electronic Media and Culture, ed Simon Emmerson,  Ashgate Publishing, 2005   

Teorie Vedy/Theory of Science, Centrefor Science Technology Studies, Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences, Czech republic,                                                   
Od Analogoveho k Digitalnemu, Nove Pohlady na Nove Umenia V
Audiovizualnm Veku
, ed Josef Ceres, Michael Murin, Faculty of Fine Arts Akedemie Arts, Banská Bystrica, 2010

The Resident
- in Studium Nr 6, Ministry of culture and art, and the Culture Department of the City of Krakow,1995                  

- in The Gramophone,
London, 1998
republished in

Magyar Muhely (Hungarian Workshop) Arts magazine, Vol 39. 118th issue.

Phil Ochs and Elvis Presley -

in Rocksession 8 Rowowhat, Hamburg 1985

republished in

Nagros No 18/19, Ministry of Culture and Art, and the Culture Department of the City of Krakow, 1997

Looking Back

Big Ear Festival Programme, Budapest, 200o

republished in
Unearthing the Music, Umsceet.eu, 2018

Locality - in Angelica Festival Programme 1999.

Republished in
Resonance Vol 10, No.2, ed Caroline Kraabel, LMC London, 2006
Republished in full in

Arcana IV, Musicians on Music, ed. John Zorn. Tzadik Hips Road, 2009

Thoughts on Music and the Avant garde – Considerations of a term and its public use - In Musik-Avantgarde Zur Dialectik von Vorhut und Nachut,  Carl Von Ossietzky University Oldenburg Press,  2006                                                                  

Republished in
The Idea of the Avant Garde, ed Mac James Leger, Manchester University Press, 2014 

The Road to Plunderphonia
- in Museum of Modern Art, Barcelona:
Quaderns d'ŕudio, 2011                                                        

Collateral Damage, a Response to Kenneth Goldsmith
in The Wire, 2011

The Multiple Politics of Henry Cow
in Red Strains: Music and Communism outside the Communist Bloc, ed Robert Aldington, The British Academy, Oxford University Press, 2013           

i have one thing to say about cage, and I’m saying it
- in John Cage, Man, Work, Paradox, ed Marek Choloniewski and Barbary Boguni, Academy of Music, Krakow, 2014.

Practice as Research - in JASMIM Journal Vol.1, Japanese Association of Study of Musical IMprovisation, 2015.  



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