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Jump for Joy!


Yumi Hara (pf, vo, key, from The Artaud Beats, Half the Sky etc)
Chris Cutler (dr, from The Artaud Beats, Henry Cow, Half the Sky etc)
Geoff Leigh (fl, sax, vo, electronics, from The Artaud Beats, Henry Cow etc)
Jean-Hervé Péron (b, vo, cement mixer, from faUSt)
Zappi Werner Diermaier (dr, from faUSt)
Geraldine Swayne (g, key, vo, painting, from faUSt)


History of Jump for Joy! by Yumi:

You me & us (Daevid Allen, Yumi Hara and Chris Cutler) were booked to play at Jean-Hervé Peron’s Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst in 2014, but late in the day Daevid was unable to make it. Since most of Jean-Hervé’s band, faUSt - including Geoff Leigh - were all coming to the festival but not playing, Jean-Herve suggested Chris and I join them as Jump for Joy ! to headline the festival. Elena Wolay (aka Jazz is Dangerous) was out in the audience and asked us to perform at her festival the next year in Gothenburg… and so ….

Jean-Herve’s two-penno’th:

Jump for Joy! is powered by two drummers of totally different styles : Zappi (Austria) and Chris Cutler (UK) ...teutonic tango vs butterfly lace; two guitar- and keyboard- ladies, Geraldine Swayne (Ireland) and Yumi Hara (Japan), providing a dense field of sound textures and structures, both delicate and barbarous, while Geoff Leigh (UK), and Jean-Hervé Peron (France) deliver the dada high- and low-ends. You’d hate yourself for missing Jump for Joy !

Some Gothenburg reviews:

…bring artrock and krautrock into the present. A living music, full of surprises, monotonous and complex in equal measure. (Goteborgs Posten)

…there were some elements of conventional jazz, with both impressionistic piano… flute and saxophone, although the rhythm section was pure krautrock: two drummers and a thumping bass. Then the rusty concrete mixer arrived from the back of the crowd and… there was gravel shovelling and live painting and two women who sat and crocheted on one side of the stage throughout the show. (Dagens Nyhater)

…a real happening: anything can happen, and does. (Fotoscenen)



Jump for Joy! list of gigs


21 June 2014, Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, Germany

Jump for Joy! : (Yumi Hara, Chris Cutler, Jean-Hervé Péron, Zappi Diermaier, Geoff Leigh)


12 August 2015, Jazz Is Dangerous, Jazz Är Farligt, one day jazz festival, Taubescenen, Liseberg Amusement Park,Gothenburg, Sweden
Jump for Joy! (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler, Zappi, Jean-Herve Peron and Geraldine Swayne)



17 September 2016, Rock in Opposition, Carmaux, FRANCE


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