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This has been a long association. Where did I first meet Bob? In France, a long time ago: he and Hank (half coyote) came to the studio in Caudeval and eventually took up residence. Back then, he and Susanne Lewis were Hail - and Bob had played drums and bass, and many other things) on their recordings - which was impossible on stage, so I joined them, along with guitarist Bill Gilonis, for several European tours. Around this Swiss Guitarist Wadi Gysi were in the middle of a series of duo concerts  - and a tour as a trio with Hans Reichel – and in 1993 Wadi and I cooked up a song trio with our mutual pal Amy Denio. We booked 2 studio sessions and came out as The (ec) Nudes. Bob mixed the CD and we gave him a free hand to add parts and rearrange things so, when we next performed live, we asked him to join us on bass. So when Stevan Tickmayer and I decided to make the first Science Group album, it was obvious that Bob would record it - and we also asked him to play bass, as well as mix and master. And Amy was drafted in to sing. On the next Peter Blegvad Trio recording, Hangman’s Hill, Bob also recorded and mixed and, when a couple of years later we played at the RIO festival in Carmaux, Bob joined us on guitar - and has now become a regular member of the Quintet (with Peter, John Greaves, Karen Mantler and myself). In 2002 Bob and I co-founded Vril, with guitarist Lukas Simonis - because we were all fans of guitar instrumentals and thought the form could be rethought for the C21. It’s a very small field – what its maestro, Alan Jenkins, calls Experimental Surf Music and happily he joined us for our only tour, in 2011, in a few small Dutch clubs.

Vril in Holland: Lukas Simonis, CC, Bob Drake, Alan Jenkins


And, for decades, Bob has engineered all the recordings I’ve made, including theProbes series, in France, where he lives. And he has mastered or re-mastered all of ReR’s releases. In turn, ReR has released 8  of his records to date.


VRIL (Bob Drake, Chris Cutler, Lukas Simonis)
. Effigies in Cork (2002) ReR VRIL1
. The Fatal Duckpond (withPierre Omer) (2009) ReR Vril

PETER BLEGVAD QUINTET (Blegvad/Cutler/Greaves/Mantler/Drake)
Go Figure (2018)  ReR PB4
The Peter Blegvad Bandbox
(2018) ReR PBBB

 (1993) ReRH2

THE SCIENCE GROUP (Tickmayer/Drake/Frith/Denio/Puntin/Cutler)
...a mere coincidence  (1999) ReRScience,

on CC100 - Uncle Toby and the Fly and Bunte Weise (both with Susanne Lewis) settings of Kandonsky poems I did for Radio Bavaria, in 2015


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